Little Berries Manager - Mary

Pre-School Managers Welcome

My name is Mary Elia and it gives me great pleasure to introduce and welcome you to Little Berries Preschools. I have the privileged position of managing both preschools and it’s my job to ensure that all children who walk through the doors of Little Berries Preschools receive the best quality care and education.

Learning and well-being is our core purpose. I am very aware of the impact that Early Years Education has on young children which is why I am so passionate and committed to delivering high quality education. We champion challenge and learning within a safe and happy environment where everyone is considerate and respectful of each other. The highly skilled and qualified staff spend a great deal of time tuning into your children to meet their individual needs. We deliver an enriching educational programme and provide activities and experiences which support and allow all children to flourish and fulfil their potential. Here at Little Berries we work closely with parents to ensure that the time their child spends with us is safe, happy and stimulating; we see parents as partners and value their contribution and input. I feel privileged to be the Manager of two Preschools which have such strong involvement with their community and are so inclusive and diverse.


Mary Elia


Little Berries Pre-School

The manager is highly inspirational. She has worked extremely hard to improve the quality of the pre-school since the last inspection. She very successfully incorporates the views of parents, staff and children to ensure excellent improvements.

OFSTED Report November 2017

Our purpose and values

To holistically educate and care for children aged 2 – 5 years. Valuing all children and parents whatever race, gender, disability and culture.

Our setting aims to:

  • Provide high quality care and education for children below statutory school age
  • Work in partnership with parents to help children to learn and develop
  • Add to the life and well-being of the local community
  • Offer children and their parents a service that promotes equality and values diversity.
  • Achieve an holistic based provision, not only caring and educating children, but also supporting and meeting the needs of parents and carers
  • Ensure the children in our care are encouraged to learn and become independent. By providing a safe enabling environment and a well planned curriculum, so children can learn at their own pace through activities based on their interests.
  • Build strong relationships with parents/carers so they are supported, treated with courtesy and understanding and work with the setting to promote their child’s learning and development.
  • Ensure staff access continuous high quality training, which contributes to the settings quality of service and the provision of a high standard of Pre-School Education.

Children benefit enormously from the stimulating environment and excellent range of high-quality, easily accessible resources which promote their learning indoors and outdoors well.

OFSTED Report June 2015

Our History

Little Berries pre-school has been established for the past 25 years within the local community. We are an independent community based pre-school and a registered charity; currently operating from a Sure Start building on Hollybrook Junior School. Due to the success of our pre-school we are in the process of opening an additional site to accomodate our ever growing waiting list.

Our last Ofsted grading in 2015 was ‘Good’ with outstanding features. We are also an accredited pre-school who have been awarded the ‘Flying high for Early Years’ quality assurance by Southampton City Council.